Bat Removal

Bats only need 3/8th by 7/8 inch hole to enter your home. Finding the bats isn’t always the easiest task. I use a Thermal imaging camera so I Can find them easier if there roosting up on rafter. but they do crawl into tiny holes or down into walls so I do use a camera that has a 12 foot flexible lens like an endoscope that’s used in a medical office. I crawl into every bay and look down into the walls, check the eaves and soffits. Now this isn’t done buy every company because it’s a lot of work but I like to be 110% sure as I guarantee all my work. There are a few ways to remove bats. I use a method of just gently physically removing them and placing in a breathable container to be relocated. I still install a one way door just in case there is a straggler. Bats are amazing creatures that eat 8000 insects in a single night! They just can’t live inside your dwelling as they can carry rabies and there Guano carries disease as well. I recommend to people to set up a bat house and let the Eco system take care of all those bugs! But I can relocate them also if need be.  The 2nd way of removal is cone shaped one way doors are installed to give the bats and exit but no way to get back in if house is sealed. The 3rd way is by netting your whole house but this option can harm the bats as they get stuck in netting. This method is more costly and time consuming. Not a method I recommend. Only 3% of bats come back positive for Rabies. But that being said I do understand not wanting bats inside your home. Even 3% chance with a loved one is to much! This is the most important thing I can say- If you have a bat inside your home call us! Don’t let it out or kill it as it needs to be tested for Rabies. It takes all the guess work out of the equation and keeps everyone safe. And avoids post exposure Rabies shots. Prevention is the key! See my article on prevention and sealing.