These pest companies come in every 3 months to check there mouse traps. Now let’s think about this for a min. Do they really want to get rid of these mice? A mouses gestation period is 20 days. A mouses estrus cycle occurs every 5 days. Mice reach sexual breeding maturity at 6 weeks of age. They have an average of 8-12 pinkies every litter and they have up to 10 litters per year! Now that’s a lot of mice! Bats R Us Wildlife offers an extensive whole house sealing if you want to be rid of these pests for good. We also offer trapping on a monthly bases if whole house sealing isn’t an option. Got bats?Got mice? Call Bats R Us Wildlife for an estimate.

Well this is one creature I don’t like. They carry many diseases and some Zoonotic diseases that can be spread to people. Hantavirus is a deadly Pulmonary disease, they also carry Leptospirosis and salmonella to name just a few. These pests should not be inside any home. As a Veterinary Technician people ask all the time how does my cat get fleas if it’s only indoors and doesn’t go outside. Well mice are a big culprit of this. They are low to the ground and easy access for fleas. So they come in and infest your house with fleas. Mice carried the fleas that brought the bubonic plague. See my article on whole house sealing to live mouse free! It will definitely change your life.

Mice Sealing

Sealing for mice is very difficult and tedious work. But living mice free will change your life. No mice  feces in your walls, basement ,attic, no mice crawling on your counters. No chewed wires. I started sealing for mice 12 years ago and it has changed many people’s lives and that means a lot to me. Seeing kids breathing better, people not having to use there inhalers. No mice feces in silverware drawer. Mice carry many diseases and some zoonotic diseases that can be transmitted to people! Hantavirus, and mice bring in fleas to our homes and pets. Mice are very dirty creatures and living without mice will change your life dramatically. Whole house sealing when done right using only the best materials will keep all the creatures out. So call Bats R Us Wildlife for an estimate and change your life!