Raccoons are highly adaptable animals that are both resourceful and clever. They have grown used to living close to humans and even invade their properties, searching for food and shelter. These animals may even try to gain entrance to your home for several reasons, and once they do, you may need a raccoon pest removal service to evict them. They especially enjoy attic space, and knowing what attracts them may help you prevent future infestations.

1. Protection From Predators

Raccoons prefer to nest in places that are elevated off the ground to avoid predators. Hawks and other large birds of prey, wildcats, and large dogs may all prey on babies and young adults, so taking shelter in a dark den high off the ground helps them feel more secure. A raccoon might pry up roofing shingles and flashing to gain entrance to your attic and make itself at home.

2. A Birthing Den

When mother raccoons are pregnant, they need a safe, warm place to give birth to their kits. Baby raccoons are vulnerable when they are first born, and a quiet, warm attic space would make an ideal den for them. Once a female gives birth, she may become aggressive in protecting her kits, so you may need a professional raccoon pest removal service to remove them.

3. A Winter Shelter

Unlike some other mammals, raccoons do not hibernate, so they usually look for a warm, dry place to stay over the winter. Once a raccoon gains access to your attic, it will start to tear down insulation and chew into stored items to make itself a nest. The damage it might cause can be costly, so you may want to ask your pest removal service about how to prevent future problems with these clever creatures.

Keeping raccoons out of your attic can prevent a major infestation and possible injury to your family. A raccoon pest removal service can assist you if you find yourself hosting these unwelcome guests.