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Combining experience, technological innovations, and 100% commitment to customer service, the team at BATS R US Wildlife Removal Specialists are here to help you with all your wildlife removal services.

01. Licensed and Insured

BATS R US LLC practices comply with federal, state, and local laws and regulations. We carry commercial liability insurance and all required licenses. We give a written work estimate and a written guarantee of work.

02. Experienced Experts

We are professional nuisance wildlife control experts with years of experience and certified in attic cleanup and decontamination. You’ll benefit from our years of real-world experience and us having all the proper tools and equipment.

03. Honest and Courteous

We believe in Rules Of Conduct. These rules include taking pride in a job well-done, always being prompt and diligent, and treating our customers with patience, courtesy, and honesty 100% of the time.

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Bats R US Wildlife Control Technology Does Not Lie!

First, WELCOME. My name is Joe Gray, owner, and president of BATS R US Wildlife LLC. My home and company’s location is in Bethel, Connecticut, a wonderful place to live. I want you to know that when you call BATS R US, you will not speak with a national call center. You will speak directly with us. We are not a nationally owned business as are many wildlife control companies. We are a local, small business that I established to help local clients in my area.

I have been working with animals and technology for the last 30 years, and now I’ve combined the two and changed the way the wildlife removal service works! Most wildlife removal services search your house, business, or buildings for nuisance wildlife pests and their entry points and make assumptions about the wildlife animal’s locations and where they entered. I use a state of the art thermal imaging camera that shows me the exact position of bats, squirrels, raccoons, and warm-blooded animals and their entry points instantly with no second-guessing. I’m able to speed up the process by giving you scientific evidence and saving you time and money.

I do a thermal scan Showing Temperature Variances in each room. Every creature has a different thermal footprint, and their access points have different temperature variances than their surrounding environment. Our thermal scans reveal any wildlife in your home. The guessing game has now been taken out of the equation and substituted with efficiency.


Proven Wildlife Control Technology With Guaranteed Success

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Please, don’t trap a wild animal on your property. If you catch a wild animal, you may put yourself in danger. We provide reliable and effective pest control services, so there is no need to put yourself in any danger. Contact us now at (203) 885-3822.

Learning about us means BATS R US are careful at every step


Trapping wild animals require knowledge, experience, skill, and patience. Our expert wildlife trapping team has what it takes to trap humanely any critter on your property. Contact us now at (203) 885-3822.

We you lean more about us you'll know that means we are convenient and easy to reach


Don’t wait for days to resolve your nuisance wildlife problems. As soon as you call about your wildlife pest issue we will travel to your location. We will ensure everything is under control before we leave. Contact us now at (203) 885-3822.

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Humane removal relocations

Humane Removal

Attic Restorations and renovations


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Are You Saying, “I Have A Wildlife Problem That Needs Immediate Attention!”? We’re Here To Help So Please Give Us A Call At (203) 885-3822. Also, If You Would Like A Free Quote On Our Services, Go To Our Contact Page, Fill Out Our Form, And Choose The Free Quote Option And We’ll Get Back To You As Soon As Possible.

We Do What Is Right Not What Is Easy

BATS R US LLC Team Of Professionals

Joe Gray President and owner of BATS R US

Joe Gray

Owner and President

Yes, I do get my hands dirty and work with my crews. So, you won’t be seeing me in a suit and tie on the job. I’ve also been a Licensed Veterinary Technician for 20 years which has helped me better understand all manner of animals, respect them, and treat them humanely.

Nala, the BATS R US German Shepard bat whisperer


Trained Wildlife Detective

Nala’s ability to detect a specific scent would be analogous to you being able to taste a teaspoon of sugar dissolved in a million gallons of water. My Nala loves playing the scent game, and like all fun games, there’s a prize every time she wins.

Kim - Office Manager


Office Manager

Kim has been with Bats R Us Wildlife LLC. for 7 years. She has amazing organizational and people skills. Kim enjoys her time off spending time with her family and taking her dog Harley for walks.
Kaitlyn - Junior Sealer


Junior Sealer

Kaitlyn has grown up in the wildlife business working weekends and summers and enjoying all aspects of the Wildlife business. Kaitlyn is in Nursing school but works with us 3 days a week keeping critters out of our client’s homes. The rest of the time is homework, playing with our 3 dogs Nala, Maverick, and Chloe.
George - Home Inspector and Wildlife Technician


Home Inspector | Wildlife Technician

George has been with Bats R Us Wildlife for 8 years. He does Drone and Thermal imaging inspections a well as handing numerous other jobs. George enjoys the outdoors, photography and watching his football and car racing.
Brian - Quality Control inspector


Quality Control Inspector

Brian has been with Bats R Us Wildlife LLC. for 7 years. Brian oversees mice foundation seals as he has an eye for detail. Brian enjoys his family time and his fishing trips.
Rick - Sealer



Rick has been with Bats R Us Wildlife LLC for 6 years and hard work is his middle name doing construction work his whole life. Rick doesn’t have an off switch so when he’s off he’s working on his house or yard.
Richard - Sealer



Richard has been with Bats R Us Wildlife LLC for 6 years. Richard does are roofline sealing and attic clean-outs. He is a family man who spends his off time with his 2 kids.
Dustin - Sealer



Dustin has been with Bats R Us Wildlife LLC for 5 years and is very experienced in all aspects of sealing our client’s homes. He’s a quiet person who spends his off-time at home with his girlfriend.
Gil - Sealer


Field Manager

The one word for Gill is a Polymath, He is Joe’s right-hand man that oversees both crews with sealing and attic clean-outs and all aspects of the company. He spends his time off studying for something new.

A Few Testimonials

What People are Saying About Bats R US

“…One Of The Honest Ones.”

“I called with concerns regarding bats in my home — we had seen a black object flying across the house, plus my son marks on his leg that resembled a bat bite. Joe was extremely responsive, texting me shortly after to say that he didn’t have cell service but could communicate via text. We scheduled an inspection with Joe two days later, and for $25 they took infrared photos of the exterior of my 3 story home and inspected areas of concern inside. 24 hours later I got a text indicating that there was no sign of bats (the fluttering sound in my chimney was caused by black chimney swift birds, two of whom had escaped through an open flue). I make a point of calling out honest — and dishonest — businesses, because we’ve all been ripped off. Thankfully this is one of the honest ones. I’m hoping we don’t need them, but they’ll be the first we call if we do.”

Sharon K. Ridgefield, CT

“…Our Go To man…”

“We initially called Joe for a problem with a ground hog. He came out that night; set the trap in the morning and caught it within 24 hours. On his way, he also rid us of a pesty snake on the walkway! He is our “Go To” man for any pests. We highly recommend Joe!”

Eleanor M., Bethel, CT


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