Why Do You Want To Perform DIY Home Bat Removal In Westport CT?

So, you think you’re up for a DIY Home Bat Removal? Therefore, you must have seen some evidence of bat activity around or in your home since you want to perform a DIY home bat removal in your Westport, Connecticut home. Maybe you have staining around outside openings and holes, guano on walls and surfaces under a roost entrance, heavy musky odor in your attic, high-pitched chirps or squeaks, but more importantly, you have seen bats entering or exiting your home.

buy a bat house for you diy home bat removal

Putting up a bat house might be one solution for your DIY Home Bat Removal for your Westport CT home. You’ll be doing the bats and your home a favor.

The decline in bat roosting territory produces a significant threat to bats, even in Westport, Connecticut. But, you definitely don’t want bats using your Westport, CT home as an alternative roosting site, especially given the damage that a colony of bats can do to your walls or attic.

So one way you can do DIY home bat removal is by putting up a “Bat Building” outside your home. Many bat species have successfully adapted to declines in natural sites by roosting in “bat buildings,” which you can build or buy online. By putting up a bat house, you are doing your nuisance bats a favor by creating a home for the number one flying bug exterminators, those bats you want out of your home.

Guide For DIY Home Bat Removal In Westport CT

Become The Sherlock Holmes Of Bats

Get ready to jump right into your DIY Home Bat Removal because now you must find out where your nuisance bats are entering and leaving your home. You can begin by setting up an area where you can sit outside your home at sunset and watch where the bats fly out of your building. You may have to walk around your home several times since your bat guests may be entering and exiting in more than one place. Make a note of all the places that you’ve seen the bats come and go.

Okay, Sherlock Holmes, You Need To Get A Closer Look

The next step in your DIY Home Bat Removal is getting a closer look at the entry and exit locations you have discovered.

You have probably located the bat openings around vents, fascia boards, ridge vents, and chimneys. Make sure you also examine any damaged areas on your house that create openings as 1/4 inch. Also, look for clues like bat poop, called guano, or urine stains from bats.

To properly exclude all the bats from your home, you MUST locate all the places bats are entering and exiting. And this is an important step: you must repair all the exits and entrances but a couple where you will place your exclusion devices discussed in the next step. 

Please note you will have to get up on a very tall ladder. If you are scared of heights, please don’t climb roof ladders. Call for Bat Removal At Bats R Us Wildlife at (203) 885-3822 or email us via our Contact Page and explain your bat problem.

diy home bat removal in westport CT demand climbing on high ladders.

A DIY home bat removal in Westport CT means you must climb tall ladders.

Getting Bats Out With An Exclusion Method: The Bat Valve

Are you sure you still want to perform a DIY Home Bat Removal on your Westport CT home? OK, then the next step means you need to get the bats out of your Westport, Connecticut home. We suggest a humane one-way device called The Bat Valve that lets bats out of your home but won’t allow bats back into your home. This bat eviction device comes in three styles designed to fit over a common bat entry point like gable vents, soffit returns, ridge vents, brick openings, frieze boards, and any construction gap.

The Bat Valve is designed and tested by Bat Removal Professionals like those at Bats R Us Wildlife. The Bat Valve will help you remove bats from your home, and you can quickly attach them to your home. Furthermore, The Bat Valve is built to last and can be reused many times over.

Once the Bat Valve is attached to your home, you’ll need to leave it up for several days. You can go out in the evening hours and observe the bats leaving your home, but they will not be able to get back in.

If you want peform a DIY Home Bat Removal you need a quality product like The Bat Valve A Humane One Way Bat Exclusion Device

The Flex2 Bat Valve is part of any DIY Home Bat Removal
The FR4 Bat Valveworks well in a DIY Home Bat Removal
The SG3 Bat Valve is for tight areas when doing a DIY Home Bat Removal

You’re Almost Done With Your DIY Home Bat Removal In Your Westport Connecticut Home

Several days have passed, and now you have to make sure all of the bats have left your home. You’ll need to remove the Bat Valves and cover up those holes. Keep in mind that the excluded bats will try to get back into your home, so be prepared to see them around your home for an extended period of time. And don’t forget you can always put up a bat house.

Now the dirty part of the job! You’ll have to figure out what areas of your Westport CT home were contaminated by the bats. You’ll need to remove all the bat guano, decontaminate and deodorize all those spaces. In most cases, the bat guano can corrode wood and drywall, and then mold will grow. The mold can cause health problems for some people, so it is important to clean and disinfect the area.

If you choose to perform this step, which we do not recommend, you will need to get a high-quality respirator that prevents you from breathing in contaminated particles in the air.

Bat guano is an attic create unhealthy air in the home

A colony of bats roosting in an attic can leave large piles of guano plus urine-soaked insulation, which produces an unhealthy environment that should be addressed by a professional.

Now that you can see that a DIY HOME BAT REMOVAL is quite a job, you may want to phone Bats R Us Wildlife at (203) 885-3822 and we guarantee the job will be done correctly while keeping you and your loved ones safe and healthy.