Almost everyone has caught a raccoon in their neighborhood before. A lot of the time, it isn’t anything to worry about, especially if the raccoon isn’t setting up its home in your backyard. What happens when the raccoons do set up at your home? Raccoons can cause up to thousands of dollars worth of damage. They can rip apart insulation, damage electrical systems and more. Here is what you need to do to remove nuisance wildlife from your property.

Humane Trapping

Humane trapping is the best way to get raccoons off of your property. You don’t want to use toxins or poisons, particularly when those may harm pets or children. Instead, there are live traps that professionals can put on your property to capture the raccoon. These are normally cages, with some form of bait within that lures the raccoon into the cage. Once in, the door comes down and effectively traps the raccoon.

Professional Help

You should never try to capture wildlife on your own. Raccoons might seem relatively harmless, but they can still cause damage. Not only do you run the risk of being unable to catch the raccoon, but you could end up injured. Raccoons are considered a primary carrier of rabies. If you are bitten by a rabid raccoon, this could be a serious situation.

Professionals will not only be able to safely remove the raccoons from your property, but they will be able to do it effectively. You can rest assured that your raccoon problem has been taken care of for good.

Never underestimate the damage that raccoons can do to your property! These nuisances may look cute, but they can tear up your property, dig into your trash and pose risks to you and your family. It is important when you want to remove raccoons from your home, that you call a professional to offer assistance.