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Exterminating Mice And Rats Throughout Southern CT, Including Greenwich, New Cannan, Stamford, Westport And Wilton

The BATS R US Wildlife Removal Specialists have highly trained Mice And Rat Extermination Experts who will help you remove mice and rats in your attic, walls, or on your property.

Effective Mouse And Rat Control

BATS R US LLC’s mouse and rat control crew remove all mouse and rat activity at the source in residential and commercial buildings. As highly knowledgeable mouse and rat specialists, we know they are entering your building in search of food, water, and shelter. We use various extermination techniques that utilize traps and bait boxes, though we prefer employing a method that ensures a quick death.

BATS R US Keep Mice And Rats Out

Building changes must follow the professionally supported mouse and rat control trapping and extermination from any building so the mice and rats cannot return. Bats R Us Wildlife mouse and rat control experts detect all the access points so they can be closed and repaired and locate underlying defects that may give mice and rats access to your building in the future.

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You can attempt trapping or baiting mice and rats on your own, but doing so often does not solve the problem if you don’t know how to search and locate the mouse and rat entry points. We believe it’s best to get professional help by calling us at (203) 885-3822.
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At BATS R US WILDLIFE, our mouse and rat control experts have extensive experience in mouse and rat extermination. We have years of training and experience that enables us to provide the fastest and most cost-effective form of mouse and rat extermination. Contact us now at (203) 885-3822.
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Don’t wait for days to resolve your nuisance mouse and rat problems, or you could face all manner of damage that could cost you hundreds of dollars to repair. As soon as you call (203) 885-3822 about your mouse and rat issue, we’ll get someone on your case and to your building often on the same day.

Please Make Sure You Know What Chemicals A Company Is Using To Eliminate Your Mouse And Rat Infestations. Make Sure A Company Uses Eco-Friendly Products That Won’t Harm Your Pets Or Other Wildlife!

Bats R US Wildlife Use Industry Standard Mouse And Rat Control Strategies That Work Every Time

Mouse and rat control is a concern in the Southern Connecticut region due to the many hazards that may follow an infestation. Not only do mice and rats bring mites and fleas into a building, but they also spread bacteria, and their poop can have health implications for the building occupants. Without proper mouse and rat control removal methods and strategies, you are allowing these rodents to reproduce, which can be in numbers that can overwhelm a building.

Many residential and commercial building owners think they can perform mouse and rat control on their own, and certainly, placing traps here and there around the building will catch a mouse or rat, but this will not address the root cause of an infestation.

Mice and rats gain access to a home or business through openings in the form of cracks, gaps, openings, or unsecured areas. If you wish to get at the core of your mouse and rat issues, the Bats R Us mouse and rat control team locate where they are getting into your building and ensure those areas are properly sealed and repaired.

Our mouse and rat control team guarantees we will not only get rid of your infestation of mice and rats, but we will also locate any vulnerable areas around your building and repair them as well.

The Most Common Mice And Rats In Connecticut Buildings Are The Norway Rat, And House Mouse. The Norway Rat Is Much Larger Than The House Mouse And Prefers Being Near A Source Of Water, Which It Needs Daily And Show Up Around Areas Areas Garbage Or A Food Source Like Grains And Cereals On Are Easily Accessed.

Photo on mouse and rat control page: a house mouse - thanks to Bolid74 via Wikimedia Commons

The above pic is a house mouse that you would see in your Connecticut home or business.

Photo on mouse and rat control page: a Norway Rat also called a Brown Rat - thanks to David Shankbone, CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

The above Norway Rat, also called a Brown rat, will show up where there is open grain or cereal and plenty of water which they need daily.

The Long-Term Solution For Excluding Mice and Rats That Enter Buildings Is A 4 Step Process

  1. We methodically locate all the access points mice and rats use to enter a structure and repair all of them as well as areas they have been inhabiting like basements, walls or the attic.
  2. Next, we strategically place snap traps and bait stations that will most effectively capture mice and rats.
  3. We remove all contaimated materials like mice and rat poop, soiled insulation, then decontaminate the area and deodorize if you made that request.
  4. Finally, we do any necessary repairs within the building, which may include complete insulation replacement.
Photo on Squirrel Trapping Page: We locate all squirrel access points during a squirrel exclusion and repair those access points once we remove the squirrels.
When called in for our mouse and rat control expertise, we locate openings like this masonry gap which not only allowed mice into the building but also snakes chasing after the mice.
Photo at Squirrel Trapping page: The squirrel exclusion process may involve removing contaminated materials inside the building.

This opening around these pipes entering this Connecticut home allowed mice to enter the building. This opening was one of many gaps in this home that allowed other critters in as well.

Photo at Mice and Rat Control page: House mice love chewing on electrical wiring.

House mice are notorious for chewing on wiring in walls and attics.

Photo at Mice and Rat Control page:  Snap traps are effective for trapping mice and rats.

Snap traps are effective for caturing and quickly killing mice and rats.

A Few Precautions To Take Which Minimize Mice And Rats Entering Your Connecticut Buildings

Everyone likes having close friend pop in from time to time and sharing a good time, but when it comes to mice and rats, you never want them to show up. In addition to damaging your home, mice and rats carry diseases and can risk your family’s health. Bats R US mouse and rat control specialists have a few suggestions for you.

  1. Remove open food sources and ensure all food, like rice, noodles, etc., is stored in solid tight containers.
  2. Mice and rats will chew soft materials and use them as nesting materials. If you have soft fabrics like clothing stored in knee walls or your attic, ensure you place them in containers.
  3. If you have the skill, repair any entry points into your building that you can reach. Using materials mice and rats cannot chew through would be best. Ideally, heavy gauge sheet metal cut to fit around the openings will be best.
  4. Mice and rats have a great sense of smell. Place the following in your home or building: apple cider, clover, garlic, onion, hot chili peppers, house ammonia, coffee grounds, peppermint, eucalyptus, white vinegar, and citronella oil.
  5. Ohh, if you are a pet lover, get a cat or two!
Photo at Mouse and Rat Control page: Mouse feces and urine in attic insulation.

Mouse feces and urine in attic insulation can create an unhealthy attic environment creating bad odors, mold, bacteria, and more.

Photo at Mouse and Rat Control page: Mice will tunnel into wall and attic insulation where they will build their nests and reproduce in large numbers.

Mice will tunnel into wall and attic insulation where they will build their nests and reproduce in large numbers.

Photo at Mouse and Rat Control page: A trail of mouse poop along a mouse path inside this attic.

A trail of mouse poop along a mouse path along an attic entry door.

Photo at Mouse and Rat Control page: This is a pile of Norway Rat feces in a shed where there was grain feed stored for chickens.

This is a pile of Norway Rat feces in a shed where there was grain feed stored for chickens.

Ready To Get Those Mice And Rats Out Of Your Building? We Can Make That Happen!

Are You Saying, “I Have A Mouse And Rat Control Problem That Needs Immediate Attention!”? We’re Here To Help, So Please Give Us A Call At (203) 885-3822. Also, If You Would Like A Free Quote On Our Services, Go To Our Contact Page, Fill Out Our Form, And Choose The Free Quote Option. We’ll Get Back To You As Soon As Possible.

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“I called with concerns regarding bats in my home — we had seen a black object flying across the house, plus my son marks on his leg that resembled a bat bite. Joe was extremely responsive, texting me shortly after to say that he didn’t have cell service but could communicate via text.

We scheduled an inspection with Joe two days later, and for $25 they took infrared photos of the exterior of my 3 story home and inspected areas of concern inside. 24 hours later I got a text indicating that there was no sign of bats (the fluttering sound in my chimney was caused by black chimney swift birds, two of whom had escaped through an open flue).

I make a point of calling out honest — and dishonest — businesses, because we’ve all been ripped off. Thankfully this is one of the honest ones. I’m hoping we don’t need them, but they’ll be the first we call if we do.”

Sharon K. Ridgefield, CT


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