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BATS R US WILDLIFE LLC Provides #1 Top Quality New Canaan Wildlife Control Services For Homeowners and Businesses, Including Wildlife Trapping, Wildlife Removal, Wildlife Damage Repairs, and Attic Restoration

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Bats R Us Wildlife New Canaan Wildlife Control Experts Do It All

Our New Canaan Wildlife Control Experts at BATS R US WILDLIFE are your New Canaan Connecticut nuisance animal removal experts. With decades of experience and led by Joe Gray, a Licensed Veterinary Technician for 20+ years, we use humane trapping techniques to safely remove unwanted wildlife, such as raccoons, skunks, bats, birds, and others listed below.

Once we trap your wildlife intruder, we release the critter that can be released back into the wild. But we do so much more! Our team works to prevent future visits by these “unwanted visitors” by sealing all entry points into your home or business. Plus, our New Canaan Wildlife Control Experts perform top-notch attic restorations, including insulation removal, feces removal, decontamination, and insulation replacement.

So, if you have unwanted wildlife in your home, business, or on your property, the Bats R US Wildlife team can help. Give us a call at (203) 885-3822 and one of our New Canaan Wildlife Control Experts will come to your place and do a careful inspection which determines the best course of action that will solve your wildlife issues.

No Job Is Too Big Or Too Small For Our New Canaan Wildlife Control Experts. Climbing To New Heights Each And Every Day!

The #1 Attic Restoration Team In New Canaan CT Area

When You Want Awesome, You Need The New Canaan Wildlife Control Experts Doing Their Attic Restoration Magic

One of the most upsetting aspects about a pest wildlife infestation, whether bats, raccoons, birds, mice, or whatever the case may be, is the mayhem they created before they were removed. Feces, urine, nesting substances, feathers, or soiled insulation are not only a hassle to clean but can also be perilous to your well-being. And then there is the horrible odor left from wildlife using your home as a vacation spot. Our New Canaan Wildlife Control Experts relish an Attic Restoration job because they know they bring sanity and health back into any contaminated area of your home or business.

When You Want An Attic Animal-Free, Spic And Span, And Healthy Enough To Live In Call The BATS R US WILDLIFE New Cannan Wildlife Control Experts. You’ll Be Glad You Did!

Here at BATS R US WILDLIFE, our New Canaan Wildlife Control Experts take extraordinary care ensuring you get high-quality sanitation and contamination removal services. After the attic is clear of contaminated materials and attic insulation, we thoroughly vacuum all areas, then apply a germicide/fungicide to neutralize any bacteria, virus, mold, and kill any fleas, mites, or insects. In certain cases, often due to long term heavy infestations, we recommend and apply a material that will enclose any latent odors. The attic is ready to re-insulate with top-quality insulation once the material cures, whether it be batt insulation or blown-in insulation.

If you have any questions about our attic restoration service, which includes wildlife damage clean-up, sanitization services, and insulation replacement, give us a call today at (203) 885-3822.

This nesting material was strewn throughout this attic. What a mess!
A spic and span attic after a cleanup and decontamination.
A beautiful coating of new blown in insulation. Another job well-done.

A Quick Overview Of New Canaan Wildlife Control Experts Services

BATS R US WILDLIFE Has a New Canaan, Connecticut Wildlife Control Team That Never Fails It’s Mission

Exclusions/Prevention, Humane Removal/Relocation, Attic Restoration, Decontamination/Odor Control, Habitat Modification

wildlife trapping provided by our New Canaan wildlife control experts

New Canaan CT Nuisance Wildlife Trapping

Trapping an animal requires knowledge, experience, skill, and patience. Our New Canaan Wildlife Control Experts Trapping team has what it takes to trap any critter humanely on your property.

wildlife removal provided by our New Canaan wildlife control experts

Nuisance Wildlife Removal In New Canaan CT

From bats to raccoons, possums, squirrels, mice, rats, and more – our New Canaan Wildlife Control Experts amazing skills remove all nuisance wildlife with safety and care in mind.

Our New Canaan wildlife control experts seal wildlife out of your home and business

Seal Wildlife Out Of Your New Canaan CT Buildings

Wildlife can enter your home via openings, or gaps as small as a dime. At New Canaan Wildlife Control Experts we seal all wildlife entry points into your home keeping out mice, bats, rats, raccoons, possum, and more.

Let our New Canaan wildlife control experts provide you with our thermal inspection

New Canaan CT Thermal Image Inspection

Our New Canaan CT Team offer state-of-the-art Technology: thermal imaging, Arlo Pro 4G cameras, field cameras, and Borescope This allows for quicker and more accurate identification and removal of all bats and wildlife within the home.

Drone inspections by our New Canaan wildlife control experts reveal all the gaps throughout your home and buildings

Drone Inspection In New Canaan CT

Using a high-end drone system to inspect outside your home, buildings or office provides you and our New Canaan Wildlife Control Experts with the images and videos that display any wildlife entrances or gaps.

attic cleanout provided by our New Canaan wildlife control experts

New Canaan CT Attic Cleanout Remediation

After our New Canaan Wildlife Control Experts remove wildlife from your home, buildings, or business, we find urine and feces throughout the area more often than not. We can clean and sanitize all areas, then replace insulation care for you.

Our New Canaan wildlife control experts know habitat modification inside and out.

Habitat Modification Maintenance in New Canaan CT

All critters need h2O, food, and shelter. Lessening or excluding any of these factors on your property diminish wildlife’s desire to live with you. Habitat modification address all 3 of these necessities for wildlife to thrive in your area. Let our New Canaan Wildlife Control Experts do the modifications you need to minimize wildlife issues.

Common Critters Our New Canaan Wildlife Control Experts Trap And Exclude Most Often

New Canaan Wildlife Control Experts raccoon  wranglers are here to help 24/7/365.

Raccoons Problems In Your New Canaan CT Home?

Raccoons are generally live trapped and then released on your property. It’s important we seal all points into your home so the raccoon cannot get back in.

New Canaan Wildlife Control Experts groundhog trappers are here to help 24/7/365.

Groundhogs Digging Up Your New Canaan CT Property?

Groundhogs trapping is not difficult. Once live-trapped they are released on your property or euthanized

Our New Canaan Wildlife Control Experts opossum knowledge exceeds all industry standards.

Possums Living Underneath Your New Canaan CT Porch?

We set possum traps in locations on your property where they cause damage. Fish, canned cat or dog food are good opossum baits. Once caught they must be released on your property or euthanized.

Let our New Canaan Wildlife Control Experts rid you of nuisance skunks

Skunks Tearing up Your New Canaan CT Lawn?

Skunks love canned or fresh fish, chicken, and bacon, so they are our favorite baits for trapping skunks. Once live-trapped, we released them on your property after sealing up any area that the skunks inhabited.

Our New Canaan Wildlife Control Experts quickly remove your squirrel problems

Find Squirrels Living In Your New Canaan CT Attic?

We usually live-trap squirrels then release them back on your property after we have properly sealed your home.

New Canaan Wildlife Control Experts mice rat stations get rid of your mice rat problems.

Seeing Mouse And Rat Poop In Your New Canaan CT Cupboards?

When dealing with mice and rats we use either Quick Kill traps or bait boxes.

Our New Canaan Wildlife Control Experts says no to moles digging up your beautiful lawns.

Seeing Mole Mounds Throughout Your New Canaan CT Lawns?

Moles cause serious damage to lawns, flower beds, and gardens. They also rip up the roots of a tree. Quick-kill traps must be used to get rid of them.

Our New Canaan Wildlife Control Experts humanely remove nuisance birds.

Finding Birds Nesting In Your Chimney, Eaves or Attic In New Canaan CT?

When birds become a problem, we use these humane methods to control their numbers. But most conflicts with birds can be tied to feeding, willfully or otherwise.

A Few Of Our Many 5 Star Testimonials

What People are Saying About Bats R US Wildlife


“I called Bats R us due to a squirrel issue I was having in my home. From the first phone call to the final handshake, I was beyond impressed! They were prompt, neat, and friendly. They not only got the job done at a cost I could afford, they were fast and efficient. The owner Joe is so helpful in explaining the whole process, he even has an iPad with a camera so I could watch if I wanted to! He made me feel so comfortable and secure that the job would be done right and humane. I would recommend this company to everyone I know! I will be using them again for any of my critter invasions! Thanks, Bats R us Team!!”

Karen Guerrero


“We’ve used Joe from Batsruswildlife numerous times. A couple of times for business and then personally, for our house and my mother’s. Each time was excellent service! They got rid of the bats and sealed everything up without disturbing anyone. Very professional and thorough.”

Andrea C.


“Bats r us did a great job I had several companies out to evaluate our bat situation but Joe was definitely much more knowledgeable and they did a great job!! We watched the bats leave thru the tube they put in on the roof. And they did a great job cleaning up. I would highly recommend their company. “

Jeff Lewis

“I had bats and flying squirrels in our house and Joe and his team came out and sealed the house up and the critters were all out within 24 hours. They came back removed and replaced some insulation and deodorized the attic. They did a great job I would highly recommend them.”

George Ilioff

“We just recently had a squirrel issue at our home in Newtown, CT that we could not control. I was referred to Bats R Us from a friend and was highly impressed with their work. The staff that helped us out were very professional, helpful, and extremely friendly. I was very pleased with the outcome. I will highly recommend them to other friends and family! Thanks for all your hard work guys!”

Sami Milne


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