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Removing Raccoons Throughout Southern CT, Including Greenwich, New Cannan, Stamford, Westport And Wilton

The BATS R US Wildlife Removal Specialists have highly trained Raccoon Removal Experts who will help you trap raccoons in your attic, walls, or on your property.

Humane Raccoon Trapping

BATS R US LLC’s raccoon trapping team believes in removing raccoons humanely from residential and commercial buildings. As highly knowledgeable raccoon specialists, we believe that all raccoons should be live trapped, but when impossible at times, we may have to use non-poisonous methods that quickly kill a raccoon.

Effective Raccoon Exclusion

Structural modifications must follow professionally assisted raccoon trapping and removal from any building so the raccoons cannot return. Bats R Us Wildlife raccoon exclusion pros identify all the entry points so they may be sealed and repaired and locate structural defects that may give raccoons access in the future.

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Please, avoid trapping raccoons on your property since it often requires using tall ladders, getting on a roof, searching for raccoon entry points, and dealing with protective females with babies. Mama raccoons will bite! Protect yourself and contact us at (203) 885-3822.

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Trapping raccoons outside and inside a building requires knowledge, experience, skill, and patience. Our expert raccoon removal crew has years of on-the-ground experience in raccoon removal and does all the repairs to stop future invasions. Contact us now at (203) 885-3822.

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Don’t wait for days to resolve your nuisance raccoon problems, or you could face all manner of damage that could cost you thousands of dollars to repair. As soon as you call (203) 885-3822 about your raccoon issue, we’ll get someone on your case and to your building often on the same day.

Any Company That Suggests Poisonous Chemicals Will Solve A Raccoon Invasion Doesn’t Understand The Proper Raccoon Trapping And Control Strategies.

Bats R US Wildlife Is Connecticut’s Professional Raccoon Trapping Solution For Nuisance Raccoons

Have you been noticing raccoons in or around your home lately? Knowing where to look and how to respond when you see these animals is essential! Raccoons take up residence in crawlspaces, chimneys, and attics. Raccoons are forever searching for food, trash, and some comfortable living quarters.

Given the widespread population of raccoons in Connecticut’s urban areas, raccoons often damage gardens, overturn and feed out of garbage cans, and live in sheds, garages, and areas beneath porches. But the worse damage a raccoon produces occurs when it enters the attic. And if a pregnant female takes refuge in an attic, she’ll give birth to a brood of whining kits. Once you know a raccoon is in your attic, you should get the Bats R US raccoon experts there as soon as possible.

If You Want To Decrease The Probability Of Raccoons On Your Property, Do Not Leave Pet Food Out At Night And Keep Your Trash Bins Securely Covered.

Raccoons enter your building, especially the attic, in several ways, including ripping through roof shingles, a roof vent, a gable vent, soffits, eaves, fascia, or any rotted wood or poorly fitted siding.

You should contact us to investigate if you believe a raccoon is inside your building. We check the outside structure and inside your attic to locate any raccoons present, establish a removal program, and assess any damages or structural issues.

The Proper Raccoon Trapping Solution When A Raccoon Accesses A Building

  1. We locate the raccoon and any access points the raccoon used, and any vulnerabilities that may result in future incursions.
  2. Next, we strategically place properly baited one-way lived traps in areas best suited to capture the raccoon.
  3. Once we remove all raccoons, we can repair any access points.
  4. If a raccoon has entered an attic, we can remove all contaimated materials like raccoon poop and soiled insulation, then decontaminate the area and deodorize if you made that request.
  5. Finally, we can do any necessary repairs within the building, which may include complete insulation replacement.
Photo on Raccoon Trapping Page: We locate all raccoon access points during a raccoon exclusion and repair those access points once we remove the raccoon(s).

When called in for our raccoon trapping expertise, our first step is inspecting the building from top to bottom, inside and out.

Photo at Raccoon Trapping page: The raccoon trapping process should be left to professionals.
Once a raccoon gets into your attic, please do not corner it, as it can be aggressive. Call the raccoon trapping specialists at (203) 885-3822
Photo at Raccoon Trapping page: The raccoon trapping process can get complicated if a raccoon takes refuge in a chimney.

Raccoons often get into Southern Connecticut chimneys, so we must use specialized traps to capture the critter successfully. Please properly cap your chimney!

Photo on Raccoon Trapping Page: A mother raccoon is highly protective of her kits.

A mother raccoon is highly protective of her kits and will aggressively defend them. Leave the trapping of a female raccoon with kits to a professional.

Raccoons Can Cause Extensive Damage To Connecticut Buildings Inside And Out

A raccoon enters a building in two ways: an opening already exists, or the raccoon tears its way inside using its powerful claws and teeth. Their strong claws can effortlessly tear through any soft wood underneath the shingles, fascia, soffit, eaves, roof, and gable vents. Once inside an attic, a raccoon can tear apart ducts, wiring, insulation, and ceiling insulation boards. Also, a raccoon will poop and pee throughout your attic insulation, exposing your family to potential health hazards contained in the feces.

If a raccoon has been inside for some time, the damage can run into thousands of dollars, so if you think you may have a raccoon inside your building, act now and call BATS R US raccoon trapping pros at (203) 885-3822.

Photo at Raccoon Trapping page: A raccoon ripped its way through this roof and entered the attic.

A raccoon ripped its way through this roof and entered the attic.

Photo at Raccoon Trapping page: A raccoon got inside this attic, it tore through the venting system.

A raccoon got inside this attic, tearing through the venting system.

Photo at Raccoon Trapping page: This attic had raccoon poop and pee throughout its insulation.

This attic had raccoon poop and pee throughout its insulation.

Photo at Raccoon Trapping page: A raccoon ripped up insulation boarding throughout this attic.

A raccoon ripped up insulation boarding throughout this attic.

Need A Company To Get Those Raccoons Out Of Your Attic? Bats R US Wildlife Are Connecticut’s Raccoons Wranglers!

Are You Saying, “I Have A Raccoon Problem That Needs Immediate Attention!”? We’re Here To Help, So Please Give Us A Call At (203) 885-3822. Also, If You Would Like A Free Quote On Our Services, Go To Our Contact Page, Fill Out Our Form, And Choose The Free Quote Option. We’ll Get Back To You As Soon As Possible.

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“…He(Joe, owner of Bats R Us) Truly Cares.”

“Bats R Us quickly and humanly relocated two raccoons that were living underneath our deck at a fair price. Joe came morning and night to check the traps, even came on Easter morning. He truly cares about the animals and the homeowner. We will definitely call Joe again for any wildlife concerns.”

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