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Removing Squirrels Throughout Southern CT, Including Greenwich, New Cannan, Stamford, Westport And Wilton

The BATS R US Wildlife Removal Specialists have highly trained Squirrel Exclusion Experts who will help you remove squirrels in your attic, walls, or on your property.

Humane Squirrel Trapping

BATS R US LLC’s squirrel trapping team believes in removing squirrels humanely from residential and commercial buildings. As highly knowledgeable squirrel specialists, we believe that all squirrels should be live trapped, but when impossible at times, we may have to use non-poisonous methods that quickly kill a squirrel.

Effective Squirrel Exclusion

Structural modifications must follow professionally assisted squirrel trapping and removal from any building so the squirrels cannot return. Bats R Us Wildlife squirrel exclusion pros identify all the entry points so they may be sealed and repaired and locate structural defects that may give squirrels access in the future.

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Please, avoid trapping squirrels on your property since it often requires using tall ladders, getting on a roof, and searching for squirrel entry points. If you attempt trapping squirrels, you are in danger when working on a roof. Protect yourself and contact us at (203) 885-3822.
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Trapping bats from a building requires knowledge, experience, skill, and patience. Our expert bat removal team has what it takes to humanely remove squirrels on your property and do all the proper repairs necessary to prevent future invasions. Contact us now at (203) 885-3822.

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Don’t wait for days to resolve your nuisance squirrel problems, or you could face all manner of damage that could cost you hundreds of dollars to repair. As soon as you call (203) 885-3822 about your squirrel issue, we’ll get someone on your case and to your building often on the same day.

Any Company That Suggests Poisonous Chemicals Will Solve A Squirrel Invasion Doesn’t Understand The Proper Squirrel Trapping And Control Strategies.

Bats R US Wildlife Use Industry Standard Squirrel Trapping Strategies That Work Every Time

In Connecticut, there are five species of squirrels: gray, red, fox, northern flying squirrel, and southern flying squirrel. BATS R US squirrel trapping professionals are knowledgeable in handling each type of squirrel. But gray squirrels, flying squirrels, and red squirrels create the vast majority of problems in Southern Connecticut residential and commercial buildings. These squirrels are capable of causing extensive damage that can cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars in repairs.

Squirrels access your building by accessible openings, or they will chew their way in via eaves, soffits, roof vents, gable vents, and even work their way inside from a chimney. Once inside, squirrels build their nests out of materials they drag in, insulation, sheetrock, and even wood from framing. Plus, squirrels love gnawing to keep their continually growing teeth ground down, which means even electrical wiring is a squirrel snack that can result in building fires, let alone an electrocuted squirrel.

And yes, squirrels poop and pee like crazy. If a colony of flying squirrels gets into your building, they can build up large piles of feces in insulation and create a nasty mess that can carry disease-carrying bacteria and viruses. And thats not all: squirrels carry fleas and ticks that can spread throughout a building.

The Long-Term Solution For Excluding Squirrels That Enter Buildings Is A 5 Step Process

  1. We methodically locate the squirrels and the access point squirrels use to enter the building and repair all but one or two.
  2. Next, we attach one-way live traps to the access points we did not repair. These squirrel trapping devices allow squirrels to escape unharmed though they cannot return.
  3. Once we remove all squirrels, we repair the remaining access point.
  4. We remove all contaimated materials like squirrel poop and soiled insulation, then decontaminate the area and deodorize if you made that request.
  5. Finally, we do any necessary repairs within the building, which may include complete insulation replacement.
Photo on Squirrel Trapping Page: We locate all squirrel access points during a squirrel exclusion and repair those access points once we remove the squirrels.
When called in for our squirrel trapping expertise, our first step is inspecting the building from top to bottom, inside and out.
Photo at Squirrel Trapping page: The squirrel exclusion process may involve removing contaminated materials inside the building.

Once you see squirrels spending time on your roof, please be vigilant. They will be looking for ways to access your building and especially an attic.

Photo at Squirrel Trapping page: The squirrel trapping process involves using humane live traps.

One-Way Live are attached to squirrel entry points allowing squirrels out of the building, but they cannot return.

Photo on Squirrel Trapping Page: Squirrel traps must often be placed in awkward positions in order to trap it.

Once squirrels are trapped we will seal and close the access points and remove the squirrels from your property or release them on your property if you wish.

A Few Precautions To Take Which Minimize Squirrels Entering Your Connecticut Buildings

The Bats R US squirrel Trapping team suggests trimming anything growing next to your buildings, like bushes, shrubs, or trees. Squirrels can jump from any of these onto various parts of your home and then make their way inside.

We also suggest if you have a severe squirrel issue on your property, you might want to stop using bird feeders which attract squirrels. And if you insist on feeding birds, tall metal ground hangers and grease the poles with a vaseline-like product that makes climbing impossible.

Photo on Squirrel Trapping Page: Bird feeders will attract squirrels to your property.

Our Squirrel Trapping team says the above bird feeder hanging on a string from a tree is a no-no unless you want a year full of squirrels.

Photo on Squirrel Trapping Page: Bird feeders hanging from tall greased poles will prevent squirrels from accessing the bird seed.

If you insist on feeding birds, consider tall metal plant hangers pressed into the ground like the above. Hey, please don’t forget to grease the metal pole!

Photo on Squirrel Trapping Page: Removing trees and shrubs around your home will reduce the chance of a squirrel getting onto your roof.

Our Bats R US squirrel trapping team is more than willing to cut back any flora squirrels can use to access your buildings.

Ready To Get Those Squirrels Out Of Your Building? We Can Make That Happen!

Are You Saying, “I Have A Squirrel Problem That Needs Immediate Attention!”? We’re Here To Help, So Please Give Us A Call At (203) 885-3822. Also, If You Would Like A Free Quote On Our Services, Go To Our Contact Page, Fill Out Our Form, And Choose The Free Quote Option. We’ll Get Back To You As Soon As Possible.

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“I called Bats R us due to a squirrel issue i was having in my home. From the first phone call to the final handshake, I was beyond impressed! They were prompt, neat and friendly. They not only got the job done at a cost i could afford, they were fast and efficient. The owner Joe is so helpful in explaining the whole process, he even has an iPad with a camera so i could watch if i wanted to! He made me feel so comfortable and secure that the job would be done right and humane. I would recommend this company to everyone i know! I will be using them again for any of my critter invasions! Thanks Bats R us Team!!”

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