You may notice raccoons running around your neighborhood at night or hear them digging through your trashcans. Did you know that they could invade your home as well? Raccoons seek shelter, particularly during the winter months, where they can stay warm and dry. A wildlife removal company can help you get rid of a raccoon infestation in your house. Here are the steps to expect in this process.

1. Raccoon Removal

The first thing the specialists will do is roust the raccoons out of the nest they’ve made in your home. It’s important to let the professionals handle this process. They have the training, tools and experience needed to get the animals out safely and humanely. They may use a series of traps to usher the raccoons out of the spaces where they’re hiding and back into nature where they belong.

2. Debris Cleanup

Even after the raccoons are gone, there is still the issue of the mess they made. Specialists are likely to find nest materials and droppings in the area where the raccoon infestation took place. There may be frayed wiring where the pests chewed through cords or building materials soaked with urine, too. All the damage that the animals caused has to be taken out. The area must be disinfected and deodorized according to EPA standards. All material that isn’t salvageable must be removed as well.

3. Structure Rebuild

One of the reasons that pests in your home are such a problem is that they can cause significant structural damage. Many companies that deal with nuisance wildlife offer basic rebuilding services. They can install new drywall and floorboards. If your insulation was damaged or soiled, they can also replace it with new insulation.

When you have a raccoon infestation, it’s smart to call for help. Removal specialists not only get rid of the pests but also clean up the mess they made.