Westport CT Bat Removal Will Find All Bats In Your Westport Attic

Westport CT Bat Removal, a Bats R Us Wildlife service region, provides state-of-the-art bat removal services to the greater Westport, Connecticut region. With the warmer weather coming, bats are on the move, and sometimes you’ll hear them scratching across your ceiling or down your walls. If you suspect you have bats, we suggest doing a thermal imaging inspection which provides information that will evaluate the severity of your Westport CT Bat Removal problems.

Our team at Westport CT Bat Removal are thermal imaging inspection experts, and it’s best you call us soon at (203) 885-3822. If bats have gathered in a colony inside your home, these large numbers can make a horrible mess in their roosting area in a short amount of time.

Westport CT Bat Removal provides #1 elite bat cleanup services.
Bat Guano is easy to spot when it is sitting on top of your attic insulation. Older Westport Connecticut homes confront bat problems more than newer homes.

Bats May Be Inside The Walls Of Your Westport Connecticut Home

Bats at times can crawl down an exterior wall and find their way into the living space of your Westport CT home. Experiencing bats flying around a home scare most homeowners, and they generally don’t respond correctly. Bats that abruptly emerge where you live may enter through many other places as well.

Bats enter through openings in windows, chimneys, ceilings, attic openings, exhaust flues, and gable vents. If you discover a bat in your home, stay relaxed. A trapped bat in your home wants to get out.

If you can, confine the bat to one room and then open windows and doors leading to the outside. Please turn off any bright lights since they can disorient the bat and cause it to seek refuge around objects that keep out light, like picture frames or dressers. Try to watch the bat since you want to see that it does leave the room.

If the bat doesn’t leave on its own, you can wait until it lands and attempt to capture it wearing impenetrable gloves. You can cover a bat with a can, a small wastebasket,  a plastic container, or even a lightweight cloth. If you use a container, slide something thin and solid underneath it so you can trap the bat inside. After that bring the bat outside and release it.


Westport CT Bat Removal finds bats within the walls of Westport Connecticut homes.
Bats don’t just roost in attics. We often have to exclude bats from the walls of Westport Connecticut homes.

Westport Connecticut Dangered Bat Species List

Westport CT Bat Removal must follow CT DEEP Wildlife Division protocols when doing bat exclusions. Nine various species of bats can be found in the Westport, Connecticut region, and all but the big brown bat are listed on Connecticut’s List of Endangered, Threatened, and Special Concern Species.

Keep in mind, if any of these nine species must be trapped and handled, it may only be done by specialists like Bats R Us Wildlife’s Westport CT Bat Removal Division which is licensed by the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.

If you have found a bat in your house, it is possible that you have a roost or colony somewhere in your house. Our Westport CT Bat Removal Experts are ready and waiting, so take the next step and give us a call at (203) 885-3822​​. You’ll be glad you did!

Westport CT Bat Removal excludes big brown bats from many Westport Conecticut homes.
Big brown bats are not on the endangered species list in the Westport, Connecticut region.

Westport CT Bat Removal – Home Of The Bat Dog

Did you know that a dog can be trained to sniff out bats in a building? It’s true, and Bats R Us Wildlife’s Westport CT Bat Removal has a canine bat sniffing member called Nala(see below).

Nala’s capability to recognize a particular scent would be comparable to you being able to taste a teaspoon of sugar dissolved in a million gallons of water. Nala enjoys playing the scent game, and there’s a prize each time she wins. And guess what? She wins every time there is a bat in a building!

Westport CT Bat Removal has its own bat dog called Nala.

Nala is eager to go out with us on a bat discovery adventure.