If you have ever had a raccoon living in your neighborhood, you know how destructive the clever beasts can be. The critters have fingers that allow them to pry open just about anything, and they love spreading garbage across the yard. At the first sign of the sneaky creatures, find a qualified wildlife control removal service to take the nuisance away. Here are three ways you can locate a reputable service to remove raccoons.


It takes more than a few traps and a cage to catch the wily raccoon. Wildlife removal services must know how the animal thinks, where they feed, and where they nest. The technicians must also know how to look for signs of the number of animals invading the area. Innovative equipment such as thermal imaging and micro cameras can help with that, but the operators must still know where to look for the critters.


After locating the entry and exit points into your home or outdoor building, the technician can begin a process of non-lethal extraction. Depending on the number of animals to be caught and which area of the building is infested, he or she could use traps luminosities, noise, or hormones to irritate the animals and drive them into cages. The raccoons are always taken into an area where they can be set free.


Raccoon nests are messy places, and the animals can do a lot of structural damage. Cleaning up the droppings and urine that can be unhygienic and toxic is part of the removal service for a reputable company. This includes deodorization, decontamination, repairs, and blocking access holes. Sometimes the nests are filled with fleas or other insects that must also be cleaned out of your home. A reputable service will make follow-up calls or check back on the area to make sure the raccoon removal was complete. The technicians will also answer any questions you may have about raccoons.